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 The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) shapes a future for an enterprise large or small, public or private. The words and behavior of each ELT member should create an emotional wake reinforcing a vision, executing on a strategy, reinforcing a culture, showing they care about their people. If this is your team, you are attracting and retaining great talent, your company is a destination employer and your future is extraordinarily bright. For those striving to become such a team, consider engaging Thoughtful Partners.

Be a Better Leader

Work with someone who can fill the role of both coach and advisor. Someone who can challenge you to not only become a great leader but also provide experience-based perspectives on your operational priorities. Someone to provide a mirror on how you are seen by others in your organization, Someone to help you deliver on your targets and be the authentic leader others want to follow.

Grow a Great Team

Sometimes your people do not seem to be fulfilling their potential. Previous leaders may have made your people fear failure and suppress creativity. A trusted outsider can reinforce your values and encourage your people to be the best they can be.

Operate Confidently

As the head of a company or business unit, prioritizing where and when to invest in your operation are cyclical questions to answer. Share your thinking with a trusted adviser who can ensure you have thought through all the possible outcomes and impacts on your people and business.


About 25 years ago I took on the leadership of my first business unit. It only numbered about 50 people, but it was a strategic investment for the company. We were based in Atlanta; my boss was based in London and all my customers at the time were in South America. Every month, I travelled to London…

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